August 09, 2011

Fit for a (Tween) Queen

Did I mention I’m ‘tween-tweaking’ (slap me for that) my 12-year-old nieces bedroom? Guilty. Am I correct in thinking that a pre-teen is tween, and what wordsmith came up with this term? Why the added ‘w,’ and does it denote anything in particular? Forgive me for this very philosophical line of questioning.
Before I sink myself further down this rabbit hole, let me take that elusive w back, and just call her a pre-teen. As they say, age is only a number. She is wise beyond her years, or maybe I’m unwise below my years. Either way, we just ‘click,’ and I’m lucky to call her family.
Above is my inspiration board for the room.
A few months before she asked for my help, she had had the room painted a very bright teal/turquoise. A great color, but it was so bright I had to bring my sunglasses just to consult on the space. I decided the first thing I would do would be to add a glaze to tone the color down a bit, and add a little high-gloss glamour to the space.
The only item that Momma said must stay in the room is an antique Victorian bed. Other than that, my niece and I were on our own.
If you can see the design board and its accompanying descriptions, congratulations, you don't need Lasik. (For whatever reason, no matter how many times I've resized these images in photoshop, they still show up teeny on the blog? Try clicking on the photo to get an enlarged version.)
For the not so visibly, and the visibly challenged people, here are the design cliff-notes:
1.The idea was to pour a bunch of hot pink color into the turquoise room with various fabrics
2. Floor pillows, a french chair (the one I'm redoing), and a coffee table to provide a seating area in one corner of the room
3. The Celerie Kemble Betwixt fabric to cover the window seat and to trim out the curtains (for the big window facing front of house), and roman shades (for above the desk and window seat).
4. A Parson's desk and french chair for studying in the corner across from the bed.
Of course as with any good plan, there have been multiple changes, mainly in the name of el budgeto. Check back tomorrow for more, and progress pictures.
I can promise you this:
It's looking Tweentastic!

1 comment:

goldfine said...

The "queen" *is* wise beyond her years. I could write a book with all the funny things she has said to me!

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