April 26, 2012

What I've been up to...


from flat paint (original headboard):

I got artistic with the antiquing and the border: 

to this (the headboards are going below some extravagant, antique trumeau mirros with gold leaf, and the client really needed them antiqued in just one color): 

Also, checking in on drapes in progress for someone else's condo (coming along nicely):

Room planning for someone else...
Original room plan/mock up (french chic):
(sorry this pic is a bit stretched?)

 to this (more modern):
 to this (more colorful, playful and modern):
(I'm obsessed with the antique Klismos chairs I found for this look.  I wish I could have them for myself!)
(drapes, color scheme and fabrics for the look -- plus the glam piano bench)

to this (the above new layout but with the softer color scheme of the first few looks):

(Can't wait to you see the actual space before and after once we decide on the look...)

Anyway, just moseying along, people!  

which looks do you like the best?

April 10, 2012

All you need is love...

And I think I'm in love:
Ab-Fab fabric from the Andrew Martin collection for Lee Jofa
In my never-ending search for fabric, I came upon the above gem.   Hey Jude, would it be sacriligous to sit upon Lennon or McCartney?  I love the colors in the multi AbFab4 version.  It also comes in black and white:
 or in smaller squares...
the Fab4  small in Taupe
here's an ode to their headliners...
Headliner Multi

and what about this one I heart, also by Andrew Martin:
Picture show- Multi
What do you think?  Are these to wild for me to put on someone's chairs?  Don't let me down, or just let it be?

April 02, 2012

Chic in the City

Sneak Peak of Chic in the City:
I'm workning on transforming a downtown condo.

Here it is Before:
Not bad, but a little dark.
She wanted something more light and feminine.

Here it is in the works:
Found the x-benches for a steal at a local consignment store and the pair of french chairs from a local antiques dealer. Don't you love the lucite table?
Fabric selection for the x-benches and french chairs is underway.  I'm tempted to do something crazy funky on those chairs. Drapes made from an iradescent silk orangy-pink are in the works, and lime green is calling me as an accent color.  What do you think?  

I'm also on the hunt for a comfy chair for the other side of the couch (where we are currently sitting).  Oh, and next time I go over there, remind me to bring my picture hanging kit -- looks like I need to re-hang that painting.

More to come soon...

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