April 02, 2012

Chic in the City

Sneak Peak of Chic in the City:
I'm workning on transforming a downtown condo.

Here it is Before:
Not bad, but a little dark.
She wanted something more light and feminine.

Here it is in the works:
Found the x-benches for a steal at a local consignment store and the pair of french chairs from a local antiques dealer. Don't you love the lucite table?
Fabric selection for the x-benches and french chairs is underway.  I'm tempted to do something crazy funky on those chairs. Drapes made from an iradescent silk orangy-pink are in the works, and lime green is calling me as an accent color.  What do you think?  

I'm also on the hunt for a comfy chair for the other side of the couch (where we are currently sitting).  Oh, and next time I go over there, remind me to bring my picture hanging kit -- looks like I need to re-hang that painting.

More to come soon...


Clementine & Olive said...

Wow, this is going to be incredible

My Interior Life said...

Ooh, I love where this is going!! X benches, lucite, antelope carpet!! What's not to love??

Elizabeth said...

Looking great, Kat! I am obsessed with the antelope carpet. Looks like we can go get the headboards before or after work on Friday or Saturday - let me know when you have time - will only take us 10 minutes to load them in your car!

Boo Hazard said...

It's really coming together! You're a busy girl these days! I can't wait to see it once the drapes and benches are done! It's looking great! -Boo

AaReAn said...

**gasp...OH I LOVE the crisp white couch and glass table--looks so fresh and clean! You've got a great eye missy!

so glad I found your blog...and btw come check out my blog all about COLOR...I'm doing a really fun giveaway I think you just might like! :-)

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