March 29, 2012

Mood Ring for my Interior Mood Swings

Rember these beautiful gems we all wore in the 5th grade?

I think I need one that could conjure up images like these:

Palmer Weiss

CWB Architects
Ashley Stark's NYC apartment, Elle Decor

Some days I'm in the mood for zen, clean, tailored and traditional, and the next I want color, funk, modern and pop.  Somedays I want all mid-century or french, and somedays I want a smorgasbord of it all.  Hell, sometimes it changes by the hour.   

My interior mood swings are the most likely culprit for the ever-evolving metemorphisis of my own home.  Or maybe it's just Spring and I'm ready to shed my winter skin.

Here's a color guide to chart our Interior Mood Swing Mood Ring:

All images are from my Pinterest.  
(the one thing that drives me crazy about Pinterest is that when you click your image to credit sources it will bring you to the home page of the blog where you pinned from instead of the actual page with the I can't find the designers for some of the images?!!)

March 28, 2012

This is your brain:

This is your brain on Antweak:

Any Questions?

My 'work room' is a pretty good illustration of what the inside of my head probably looks like right now --  a wee bit fried.  A painting I'm working on, a set of chairs I'm finishing, a chest of drawers I'm sanding, a lamp I'm gold-leafing, plus the usual clutter and mess that surrounds it all.   Are there any drugs I can take to make the clutter and mess part go away?  ha ha...  

March 26, 2012

The Attic Bedroom: Rated PG-13 (almost)

Starring an almost 13-year-old and her room.  Special appearance by: Justin Bieber!! 

Seating fit for a Tween Queen: floor pillows, frenchy chair, and chalk tables!

Since movies have been shot, edited and canned in less time than it's taken me to premiere photos of some of my completed projects, I'm rolling out the red carpet for this 'After' series. 

The seating area above is from this room...rememeber it?:
Imagine it a white box with a sad green window seat.
 (This pic. was taken after I painted and treated the walls with a glossy turquoise.)  


detail of greek key trim on the drapes...loved the way they turned out!
the chalk board tables I made -- a huge hit with she and her pals!

And making his cameo, as promised:

The Biebs playing his most popular role: adorning a tweener's bedroom door. 

Special thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law, photographer West Freeman, for shooting these 'after' photos!  (The Biebs photo courtesy of my iphone).

March 21, 2012

Programming Note and Photography Vote

First, my Photography 'Vote':

My very talented brother-in-law, West Freeman, is currently exhibiting photos from his Louisiana Marsh Series at 1022 Gallery, located at 1022 Lowerline St. in Uptown, New Orleans.  You really need to see this exhibit in person to appreciate the way West captures the vivid colors and intoxicating serenity of our beautiful, but endangered marshes.  

The exhibit will be there until mid-April, so get your Cajun booty over there!  It also happens to be one of my new favorite NOLA galleries, run by a hip, young, artistic couple  -- get on their mailing list!  You can also visit to learn more about West and his photography.

Second, my Programming Note:
I promise to start blogging again soon.  I've been waiting to get some 'After' pics of some of these projects I've been working on...getting them now.  Stay tuned....
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