August 10, 2011

Fit for a (tween) Queen part II

Fit for a Queen part I.  One thing I love is the challenge of a budget. Things add up, and there’s no shame in saying, hey…is there a less expensive alternative? Creativity is really tested when tackling the almighty dollar. I love the thrill of transforming something bought at the cheap into something fabulous and unique. The more the frugal, the more the creative.
First, plans for my niece’s room changed when I found the above rug from Garnett Hill. I love the combination of coral and teal, and so does my 12-year-old ‘boss.’ With the rug, however, the hot pink fabric for the chair no longer worked. So all the original fabrics got tossed, and I decided on this budget friendly trio:
Next, instead of spending money on custom curtains, which can add up quickly, we are getting plain white sailcloth curtains from Pottery Barn and trimming the lead and bottom edges with this coral/pink greek key trim:
Custom trim on store bought drapes = a Custom look

Third, instead of spending money on the coffee table for the seating area, I bought two of these puppies from Target for $15/ea. and painted them with chalkboard paint:
$15 table + chalkboard paint = tween dream

Here is the room before the rug, etc. (but after the paint glaze):

O Room-eo, Room-eo, wherefore art thou cool Room-eo?

Deny me a rug and refuse me more color....

Or if thou wilt not, at least refuse thy sad looking window seat.

Room in Transition:

I can imagine she and her friends really enjoying this seating area,
and I love the way the rug gives a big pop of color to the space.

Floor pillows ...

and a striped window seat to lounge on,

and two cool chalkboard tables (which she immediately got to work on)!
Fabric ordered: check. French chair at the reuphoster: check. Curtains on the way: check.
Soon enough, my favorite pre-teen queen will have something to write
home about, or rather, write about home.


Boo Hazard said...

It's looking great!! Love the colors/fabrics and I love that bed! - BOO

goldfine said...

I am so jealous, her room is going to be awesome! I think she's getting too cool for me though so who knows if I'll ever get to spend time in it :(

acp said...

hi there! i love the greek key coral/pink trim you used. MInd sharing where it came from? Thanks!

Katherine Velie said...

the Greek Key trim I ended up using is Kravet...see the final one here:

thanks for your interest!

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