August 15, 2011

Kitchen Bitchin'

I’m bitchin’ about my kitchen today because I want a bitchin’ kitchen.  Please understand, I realize there are a lot more serious things to gripe about: one being that our country’s credit rating is rapidly approaching my own. 

But laying at the foot of the priority ladder is my shallow desire for a new(er) kitchen -- one that sparkles in all shades of stainless, glistens with fresh white marble countertops, and most importantly would turn me into the goddess that is Giada De Laurentiis, (or anyone really who can be that gorgeous and cook gourmet meals).

Here is the kitchen in question:
Before Breakfast Area
After Breakfast Area

Before we moved in, I rushed to replace the linoleum floors with something…anything.  In my haste, I picked out the cheapest, most decent tiles I could find.  Everyday since I have regretted not putting hard wood floors in there.  Moral of the story, listen to your gut, not your impatience.

Another before and after of the breakfast area.
 Paint, new floors and a George Nelson Bubble pendant give it new life.

I love the recessed ceiling above the table.  I can't wait to paint it!
A better view of the Ghost chairs with an antique table.
(and can you tell I'm a sucker for my kid's art?!)
Kitchen before
(*note the horrid 80s style box halogen lighting.  Believe it or not underneath all the plastic is a recessed ceiling, much like the one over the breakfast nook.  I can't wait to demo this sucker, and add recessed lighting, molding and paint!)
Kitchen after painted cabinets & new floors.
new hardware and SW Decorator's White on the cabinets
After stovetop area -- no medieval meals!
We painted the outdated cabinets white and replaced the hardware.  Big difference.  I also painted the brick surrounding the stovetop white – a decision that has been met with mixed opinions.  Some people really like the exposed brick look.  I, however, felt like I was a serf cooking fowl in a medieval castle.  Not a good look for me.  Plus, the kitchen is more narrow than wide, and the brick really made the space feel cramped and dull.  Anyway, the painted brick is a temporary solution. (see below plans).  
Chalkboard paint on the wall leading into pantry -- a big hit (with kids and adults)!
The desk area, where I sit and contemplate kitchen ideas, sits across
from the breakfast table.
Now for the fun stuff...this is what I’d like to do:

First, for the brick surrounding the stovetop.  I told you I had plans for it...  I'd like to demo the brick and do an architectural build out around it, along the lines of:

or this.

Here is the inpiration board for the rest of the room:
  • 1. The ceiling will get a coat of Farrow and Ball 'Skylight.'  The recessed areas above the kitchen island and kitchen table will get a coat a tone or two darker.
  • 2. Recessed lighting for recessed ceiling area in kitchen.  Molding in recess will be painted  same white as the cabinetry and walls.
  • 3. Materials:
    • a.  Subway tile backsplash (I'm a sucker for it).
    • b.  Quilted stainless steel backsplash for stove area
    • c.   YES to Carrera marble countertops (Although they aren't always practical, I love them.  There are lots of good alternatives now...quartz for instance.) 
  • 4. Kitchen faucet -- I love the look of a bridge faucet.  I wonder if a standard levered faucet is more practical, however.
  • 5. Undermount double stainless sink.  While I adore the look of the porcelain farmhouse sinks, being the mess that I am, I need a double stainless sink.
  • 6. Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric in aquamarine (I LOVE this fabric)
    for window box and cafe curtains around sink window.  I'd also like to use it with cork board above the desk area.
  • 7. Material for desk chair
  • 8. Pendant lamp above table
  • 9. Rug under kitchen table
  • 10. Hardwood floors!!! yay!
  • 11. Oops, there is no 11
  • 12.  Kitchen island (the one I have now is an really old Pier One breakfast bar and wobbles with a gust of wind).
  • 13 a & b.  In desperate need of gorgeous Bosch stainless appliances!
Here are some other ideas for unique kitchen islands that would fit in my kitchen:
 love this one!

**Please forgive me for not sourcing the above images.  I have had them saved in inspiration files long before I ever thought of starting a blog.  If anyone knows the designers, or where they came from, feel free to let me know.

Do you think I can win the lottery this week?


Anonymous said...

Love your ideas! Kitchen looks great compared to the before photos!

Boo Hazard said...

Girl, you're almost there!! I think it looks pretty great as it is now! (especially compared to what I have to work with! ha) I love that black/white diamond fabric. and that pendant!! Lookin good! - BOO

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