August 16, 2011

ChairMan Mao

Mae West's Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali
What it used to mean when celebrities ‘had their lips done.’

Ever since I did my post on Pedro Friedeberg’s hand chair, I’ve been thinking about other pieces of furniture inspired by the human body.  What’s beautiful to some, is creepy to others. So, what do ya’ll think of these?

Him and Her by Fabio Novembre 
I wonder if these have ever been met with a straight face.
They bring out the 10-year-old in me: the giggles.

Human Chair by Tucker Robins
Looks more like a monkey chair to me. 
Maybe some of our ancestors evolved into chairs.

Perspective by Pharrell Williams for Domeau & Peres
Left foot, left foot, right foot right.  Feet in the morning, feet at night. How many, many feet you meet?   –Dr. Seuss, The Foot Book

Tongue in Cheek by Peter Harvey
Clearly Mick Jagger was Harvey’s muse.

Salvador Dali's Hands Chair
Mr. Surreal himself gave this chair hands. 
Eccentric, creepy, they seem to be reaching for something.

Ruby Rocking Chair: Anatomic Rocking Chair by Pouyanm
Does this come with its own clinical hospital gown?

Leggy Blonde by Rupert Cavendish
This piece of furniture had me at its name.  Plus, it’s like the leg lamp redux.  Who can forget this beauty from the classic Holiday flick, A Christmas Story?

But this takes the cake:
CHAIRman Mao chair by Geralde Scarfe

CHAIRman Mao eerily resembles Jabba the Hutt in this rendition.  This may be as comfy as Peepaw’s Barcalounger, but lounging in the arms of Mr. Mao/Jabba just doesn’t strike me as relaxing. 
What do you think? 

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Anonymous said...

Omg... The Chairman Mao is hysterical! Cute post!

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