August 23, 2011

I heart Chippendales

Living on in their humor and talent....

It goes without saying that the above two are my all time favorite Chippendales.  Here is my third favorite:
The kind of Chippendale you sit on, rather than the kind that tries to sit on you.
I recently redid this claw-and-ball foot Chippendale for someone.  Unfortunately there are no before pictures, but it was pretty run down.  Some high gloss white paint and vintage flame-stich material transformed the chair into an awesome accent piece for their room. 

Even without the bowtie and shirt-cuffs, intricate carving and details (note claw and ball foot on some) make the classic Chippendale eye candy: 
Traditional Chippendale = he's no Chris Farley, but still good lookin'
Traditional with an twist is more my style.  Contemporary fabric or just paint can turn grandma's heirloom into something edgy, stylish and magical: 
Here's some classic chippendales with lime green fabric, paired with wingbacks
in Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis fabric.  Love the look...image via
White Chippendales in a Shaun Smith designed dining room.

Designer Mary McDonald uses a white Chippendale as her desk chair.
See?  Nice to look at, nice to sit on, and no tipping necessary!


Boo Hazard said...

I love them too! Funny, before I saw Shaun's chairs I instantly thought of them - so glad you included them! Did you see our new shipment? We just got in some Asian Chips that are painted white -

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