August 25, 2011

Striped Silly

Jean Paul Gaultier brings his signature stripe to an Elle Decor Paris apartment
I love stripes.   A little here, a little there.  It's all good. How about everything wrapped in stripes?

 Are you dizzy?

Stripes on the walls and the floors:
Very fun.  Kate Spade store in NYC.
Stripes on the floor:
Tim Nye's NYC apartment floors by Jim Lambie.
via Home and Garden
Stripes on the wall:

 Tori Merlott's NYC apartment via Domino
Image via Domino
Stripes on the ceiling:
J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyon's nursery for her son via Domino.
I LOVE it when nurseries step out of the pastel pink and blue box!
Striped rugs:
Love the rug and the gallery walls down the hall. via my Pintrest
Ikea Rug.
Striped chairs:
How cool is this striped fabric on these french chairs?  image via pintrest
Striped out yet?  Here's a little striped story.  What if you lived here...
Keeping it real in the stripyhood.
and walked through this door...
where's your striped key?
into this room...
Stripidy, stripy, striped room!  (eye ouch)
and wore this outfit....
"Hi, I live in the striped house.  That's why I'm in cuffs with ball and chain." 
Is that too much?
Just don't wear the above outfit in the above room or you'll be invisible.  Alright, enough.  I'm moving on these shoes:

Go Saints!!!!

Christian Louboutin Bicho Striped Suede Pump Black/Yellow

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