September 03, 2012

Labor Day = Post-Isaac Chore Day

Happy Labor Day!  Power's back on here (but still lots with out it -- see red).  

Time to clean up this....
(fence down and yard debris.  play structure still sound....great lookout tower to see rest of the 'hood.)

and clean out this....
(stinky from loss of power for FIVE days!)
So thankful to have been here during the whole Category 1/Tropical Strom shenanigan:
(Highlands, NC)

(you can't see his smile...but my dog was also in heaven here.)
Seven years to the day Katrina hit, Isaac struck.  My thoughts and prayers go to all those in Braithewaite, Plaquemines and other areas that  flooded, and have to deal with the real mess all over again.   

As far as our beloved NOLA, our new levee system held, but life got pretty miserable and sweaty for all those without power for days and days (some still).  It's hot here, people!

But this is the price we pay to live in this grand-ole wild party we call a city.  The reality is: as the wetlands go, we become more and more coastal, and more and more susceptible to these storms -- whether they're a Cat 1 or a Cat 5.

As DirtyCoast says:

XOXO to all.
Happy Labor Day/Post-Isaac-Mess-Dealin' Day!

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