July 30, 2011

Forty and Fabulous

Here’s a $40 golden nugget from Craigslist. I am in love with Craigslist. I also love the $40 that departed my wallet to purchase this little french star. The photo actually makes the material look better than it actually is/was. (Note to self: need better camera?) Let's be clear, this is not a silk damask. More like a poly-blend floral rash, in grandma mint-green nonetheless.
I’m currently redoing my pre-tween niece’s bedroom (more on that soon). Somehow, by the grace of Justin Bieber, I persuaded her to trust me with her space. Now that I am in the circle of said trust, I convinced her this chair would be a unique alternative to the ever-popular 'Pottery Barn Teen' beanbag. (This is not a knock on PB Teen. They have some standouts and I must say if you are are in the market to buy your 12-year-old niece a beanbag, this flokati covered one takes the cake. Cool, huh?)
The room is painted a pretty teal, and my idea is to accent with pink or coral/orange. Anyway, Plan A was to paint it a high gloss hot pink and cover it in a fun zebra print.
But then I ordered this awesome rug in coral from Garnett Hill, and so on to Plan B: to paint it a high gloss white and put some other funky fabric on it. Here it is in progress:
Fabric options:
I'm thinking the suede Kravet material in teal, with a zebra pillow (everybody, especially 12-year-old girls need a little zebra print). I'd like to do a big floor pillow with the suzani-like fabric, and recover the window seat with the stripe. After pictures of the chair coming when the reupholstery is donezo. I promise more pictures and information on the 'tween-tweaking' (ha ha) of her bedroom soon...


goldfine said...

Love it! Ella is so lucky to have you as an aunt.

sarah said...


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