July 30, 2011

Acrylic Addiction

Hello, my name is Katherine and I am addicted to acrylic. Yes, the hard plastic -- preferably of the clear nature. This is the truth I bear, and I bear it in the name of acrylic furniture. Classic yet contemporary, an acrylic piece of furniture can make a statement and dutifully fade into transparency all at the same time. (I wish my dog would learn that trick.) Acrylic is the bomb, without making any noise.
Next, I would be remiss if I failed to point out the function in acrylic furniture. My acrylic pieces are baby and toddler proof, crazy chocolate lab proof, and lastly, fool proof (the fool being me). Fingerprints, paw prints, juice, chocolate, crumbs, crayons, etc. – all wipe clean off these suckers.
To prove my thesis, and my admitted addiction, let’s take a look at Exhibit A: The acrylic Kartell Ghost chairs I have paired with my antique kitchen table.
I love the clean, youthful look that they bring to an old table. I love the way it draws attention to the table because its an unexpected pairing* and yet simultaneously spotlights the table and the outdoors beyond.
*(At least when I got them a few years ago it seemed unexpected pairing. Now, not so much…I’ve since seen these chairs paired with many an antique table in diff magazines and design blogs. Great minds think alike? But I still love the look.)
Exhibit B: The two acrylic cubes used as bedside tables in the guest bedroom. These beauties were my first acrylic purchase over ten years ago for my first apartment without a roommate. They have weathered the years and at least six moves, (two cross-country). Originally used side by side as a coffee table, they now serve as bedside tables in the guest room.
The bed is an heirloom, and not necessarily my favorite piece of furniture (I generally detest all things Victorian). This oddball pairing works for me because the tables bring levity to an the otherwise heavy and dark piece of furniture. Needless to say, I like the bed a lot more now.
Exhibit C & D: The acrylic waterfall table in the formal living room, and the acrylic coffee table in the den. I love again, that these are a little modern and float in their given spaces. In the case of the living room in particular, the table gives the effect of spaciousness in what could be a cramped spot. Although glass-top tables can achieve the same look in some cases, I have found that four-year-old boys and sharp -glass corners (or glass in general) are not a good combination.

Case closed. Now count it people that’s six chairs and four tables. I’ve got a problem, no? I’ll leave you with this last important point about this type of furniture. Acrylic tables are a really fabulous architectural addition to fort building.


BOO said...

Your blog is looking GREAT!! I love all acrylic as well... I actually really like that Victorian headboard in your guestbedroom - the contrast is great!

Let's see a home tour!! Looks like a great house!! :)


goldfine said...

You are definitely addicted to acrylic! As you know, admitting it is the first step... :)

Stephanie Braud Gautreaux said...

Ok, kat. Hope this works. Katelyn and i love the fort building. Love and miss yall!

Katherine Velie said...

Thanks Boo....It's been so fun so far (blogging I mean). I definitely plan on putting a house tour up keep checking!

Katie said...

Your ideas (and explanations) of using the acrylic pieces gives me courage to take the risk- I always thought they may be too "modern" for the rest of the look in my house. Though apparently it's all in the "pairing":-)
Keep the creative inspirations coming, Katherine!!

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