March 26, 2012

The Attic Bedroom: Rated PG-13 (almost)

Starring an almost 13-year-old and her room.  Special appearance by: Justin Bieber!! 

Seating fit for a Tween Queen: floor pillows, frenchy chair, and chalk tables!

Since movies have been shot, edited and canned in less time than it's taken me to premiere photos of some of my completed projects, I'm rolling out the red carpet for this 'After' series. 

The seating area above is from this room...rememeber it?:
Imagine it a white box with a sad green window seat.
 (This pic. was taken after I painted and treated the walls with a glossy turquoise.)  


detail of greek key trim on the drapes...loved the way they turned out!
the chalk board tables I made -- a huge hit with she and her pals!

And making his cameo, as promised:

The Biebs playing his most popular role: adorning a tweener's bedroom door. 

Special thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law, photographer West Freeman, for shooting these 'after' photos!  (The Biebs photo courtesy of my iphone).


goldfine said...

Those tables are so fun!!!! I did tease Ella for the Bieber poster though - teen idols have really gone downhill since I plastered posters all over my room ;)

My Interior Life said...

Great job! So bright, fun and colorful - perfect for a tween/teen! Love the chalkboard tables - inspired!

Elizabeth said...

Love the tables and I am obsessed with the walls - turquoise and coral color scheme is awesome! Great job!!
xoxo -e (

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