September 18, 2011

Out with the old, in with the old...

 Hello? 1980 is calling your cell phone.  It wants its receiver back.

With the exception of planking*, trends often take their cue from the past.  (*I know of no precedent for it, or the atrocity of coning). 
Unless you’re Nicholas Cage -- who has apparently lived forever and quite possibly invented cave painting, we mortals tend to draw inspiration from history, particularly in areas of design and style.  
Strange, but true: this is actually for sale on ebay for $1,000,0000.00.  Read abt this craziness here.
I know its a bit off topic, but I couldn't resist.
Every so often when a trend resurfaces, pack rats everywhere prove their mastermind as they can finally say, “See, I’m so happy I didn’t throw away my___.”  (Circle one: bellbottoms/platforms/hotpants/jelly shoes/ Madonna-style rubber bracelets/ wig-wam socks…I wonder if these will make a come back?/insert your own) 
My newest favorite trend to usher in the old is brought to you by the classic telephone headset we all know and love, and for good reason: it fits our rounded head.
Available in a rainbow of colors, the Moshi Retro POP Handset works with the iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4 4G 3GS 3G (AT&T and Verizon), iPod touch (2G 3G 4G), HTC Android EVO, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S, Droid.  I bought mine at Steinmart, but they are available at also. 
If you are Spongebob, a miniature flat apparatus the size of a playing card is perfect for the flat side of your head.  However, if you are not, the retro headset is ergonomically better cupped to suit the human ear.  
Because I love my iPhone so dearly, I tend to get upset with my face for getting in the way of my phone calls on the occasions when my ill-mannered cheek hits the facetime/speaker option, or tries to dial someone three-way.  Moshi’s classic two-holed receiver has mended at least one relationship in that way.
Other reasons this trend is worth the $29.99 investment:
1. Cuts down on radiation to your head. (a big bonus I’d say).
2. Conversation starter. (I brought this out last weekend and made lots of new friends.)
3. Easy to locate in your purse/bag/man satchel/murse.  (True to original form in size.)
4. Make a statement: (Thank you to my models for the following three examples, in order of appearance: Gerald, Jennifer and Megan).
Impress your colleagues:  look like the true executive that you are when you yank
this out of your pocket.  The bigger the phone, the bigger the___(paycheck)?
5. Relax your neck:
While everyone else strains their neck, you can cut down on your chiropractic visits.

6. If you value shock-value, this is the item for you.
Caution: May cause accidents when used in a moving vehicle due to gawking by other motorists.
As always, please use your blue tooth while driving.
7. You will find new excuses to use your phone and will probably spend some time photo bombing your friends with pictures of you and your new purchase. Case in point: the 3 photos above.
Unfortunately for those of you who did hold onto your classic phone headset, you still need to purchase this version if you want it to be adaptable to your iPhone, blackberry or iPad.
 P.S. Look what I found by the same manufacturers:
Perfect for the office!


goldfine said...

How funny!

However the iPhone has a sensor in it that deactivates the screen when your face is up against it...if you are able to face-dial than maybe take it to the Apple Store?

Boo Hazard said...

Love it!! I've wanted one of those too and now you're making me really want one!! It's hilarious but also practical!

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