September 03, 2011

Lee's one hot party-crasher

Lee: the uninvited house guest this Labor Day weekend
Apparently, Lee loves a good barbecue and a dip in the pool.  He's here to crash your Labor Day plans, and in fact, ruin them.  But you must admit, he's good looking -- at least from a satellite's point of view.  Trade in the TV pixels for acryllic and oil, and suddenly I can envision Lee and his 'squalls' on my wall:

Michelle Armas 
Yangyang Pan
Kate Long Stevenson
Yangyang Pan
Michelle Armas

Katherine Velie
Park your car on the neutral ground, fill the flashlights with batteries, and grab a paintbrush because, unless you plan to swim down your street, pool time is out.
Take Care! xoxo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Stay Dry, mi amiga!

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