September 06, 2011


New Project Alert!  I have a couple of fun things I'm working on right now, but here is one of them...

A friend just got this wonderful pair of chairs from one of my favorite consignment stores.  I'm loving the nail head trim on the seat.  Long story short is she does not like the green antiqued look, and wants me to paint them gold or silver.  Now, I'm all for funky, but I really like these chairs as they are.  Give me a piece of furniture I hate, people.  Hand me something that looks like it belongs in your renovating neighbor's dumpster and I'm inspired.  

There's no talking her out of it, she absolutely wants to break up with the green. Being the good friend I am, I'm here for her.  So, now I'm looking for some 'chairspiration' to get me going on this hot number.  

What do you think about these?  

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