September 01, 2011

Warhol would be proud, Snookie

The only thing similar about Marilyn and Snookie, in this case, is the color orange.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I love a good reality show. Frankly, the more tasteless it is, the better.   Admit it you closet-watchers, these shows can provide plotlines so base that they exceed the entertainment value any half-hour sitcom with canned laughs could possibly provide. 
Freaks watching freaks pretty well sums it up.  I admit, I watch this trash too.
While the trash continues to clog up the TV guide, said trash is lining their pockets with wads of cash -- literally.  Yes, Snookie and The Situation are millionaires.
Jokes on us: 'The Situation' and Snookie are laughing to the bank and back.
If you haven’t heard of these two people, you need to leave the house more often.  Even if you don’t watch The Jersey Shore (of which I proudly only watched one season), the cast of this show has become pop culture icons and a leading example of how the definition of ‘celebrity’ has come to include camera hungry fools whose talents consist of fist-pumping, and GTL (gym, tanning and laundry for those not ‘in the know’).  Basically Andy Warhol and his 15-minute fame theory proved true.
Warhol -- famous for throwing wild parties, and perhaps for predicting the future.
So what do GTLers do with instant fame and money?  They get a Hollywood makeover of course!  For Pauly-D, The Situation, Vinnie and Ronnie, a makeover just means jugs of salon quality hair spray, plus a larger collection of track shoes and Ed Hardy t-shirts.  For the girls, as always, it’s a different story.  I didn’t even recognize these people when I saw this picture from the Video Music Awards:
What happened to  the sweat-suit clad tanned victims that made this series famous?
If you’re here, you know by now that I love a makeover.  Although their attire still rings Jersey (think sequins, animal print), their faces and bodies apparently got the standard Hollywood Rx .  Clearly their Jersey pad is also in need of a little nip/tuck to compliment their new faces/bodies. And guess who’s the girl to do it?  (Sheepishly raising my hand as I try to cover my face).  Okay, me:

Now that these people are here to stay –for the next 14 minutes at least, I’d like to see The Situation explain the connotation of this abomination that is such an aberration in the denotation of the civilization. 
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