September 15, 2011

Mission: Missoni, Target: Targét

Sexy Italian dudes: get off your vintage Missoni couch and get to Tar-jaay for more Missoni!

Joke's over folks.  Referring to Target as Targét (Tar-jaay) has become a self-fulfilling prophecy apparently.  The budget-friendly retailer is living up to its sarcastic, yet frenchified urban slang name (or at least trying to).  
Ignore the fluorescent headache from bad department store lighting and pretend the geriatric greeters are tall exotic models, and suddenly shopping in Target is as chic as strolling down Via della Spiga.  (Okay, it might take a little more imagination than that.)  Ambience can be overrated anyway when you're mind is set on a budget.  
There was nothing cheap about Missoni before -- clothing and home accesories
that can cost in the thousands.  Now Missoni belongs to the masses at Target.
The retailer's fashion forward collaborations (Zac Posen for one) have given the most frugal the gift of haute style.  Now it's Missoni's turn.  Famous for it's knitwear and its colorful zig-zag, Missoni is an Italian based fashion brand that has been around since the '50s.   When I think of Missoni I think mod-squad/Bond girl:
If Kate Moss can look this good in Missoni, so can we all.  (ha ha)
Although I failed to camp outside Targét at 3 am yesterday morning in order to be first to hit the much-anticipated Missoni collection, plenty of people did.  So many, in fact, that the majority of Target’s nationwide were left bare of all things zig-zag.  
Cashmere throw blanket by Missoni for the home
Unfortunately my favorite throw blanket above is NOT part of the Missoni/Target collection, and also retails for about $500.  However, here are some home items that are:

Cool ziggy zaggy black and white lumbar pillow

Sorry but I still want the $500 blanket above

Really fun pillows...I like! 
A zig to the zag rug -- not crazy about these colors, but maybe it will come in others?
The collection is huge and covers clothing, accesories, home goods and even bikes(?)!

Now I know all you smarty-pants are thinking, "I'll just go online and do my Target- Missoni shopping...all those crazy people who wait in line at the store, ha!"  Well, your brilliance is only superseded by all the other brilliants out there who had the same thought.  Everything on the Target website is sold out, and apparently the site crashed several times yesterday from overload.  So, it looks like with the exception of the early-birds, we'll all be awaiting the Missoni-Target line yet again. Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming about dreaming under my cashmere non-Target Missoni throw (sorry, Target).

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