October 07, 2011

Super-Girl with a Pearl

Please, don't let this go to a home where I'll never see it again. 
"Girl with a Pearl Earring," by Sarah Ashley Longshore 
Ashley Longshore's ode to Vermeer's masterwork, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring,’ is further verification that I need to write a bestseller and turn it into a movie, or buy a lottery ticket and subsequently win the lottery.  I confess.  I covet this painting.

Per Ashley’s humorous/pop style, this 'Girl with the Pearl' is in a colorful Wonder Woman-like costume.  And if anyone can reinterpret this Art History 101 staple into a superhero, Ashley’s the girl to do it.  
Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's masterwork. Still crackin' some 300-plus years later. 
It’s quite possible you haven’t been to The Hague where Vermeer's original beauty resides.  Or maybe you weren’t a geek Art major in college (like me) and don’t give a hoot about some old Dutch painter whose parents called him Johannes.

However, if you live in New Orleans and aren’t familiar yet with Longshore and her body of work, please, for your sake, don’t make that public knowledge.  Check out her website, or better yet, visit her gallery on Magazine Street.  Ashley also has a line out for Anthropologie.

To call her paintings ‘statement pieces’ is actually an understatement.  They are more like 'proclamation pieces.'  Her 'Girl with a Pearl' is quite large (64 X 74), is finished with Ashley’s signature high-gloss glaze, and definitely falls into the category of my new, highbrow, art-speak term (see last part of previous sentence).

Unfortunately, a picture truly does not do this piece of art justice. Here we imagine it in a home:
A Mother of Pearl coffee table is really the only 'must have' to go with this painting!
Furniture and carpet all from and ABC Carpet & Home.

Don't take the above graphic too literally -- you could pair this painting with a plastic lawn chair and it would still look fabulous in your home.  

Now to the important stuff.  Please take this Cosmo-inspired Quiz to determine if you are up for the task of buying this hot item:

Do you have high ceilings?

Do you need a 'statement,' scratch that, 'proclamation piece' to define your space? 

Do you like pop art?

Do you value humor and wit?

Do you have $10,500?

Are you friends with me?

Score your quiz:  If you answered yes to all of the above questions, contact Ashley now, and then call me.  This piece belongs on one of your walls.   I will be over shortly to celebrate your purchase with wine and cheese.  

PS:  Sorry I haven't blogged this week.  Been busy with my real job...the one that unfortunately does not pay me enough to afford the artwork above.  Thus, this post.

PPS:  Lucky girl that I am, I actually do have one of Ashley's paintings from her 'Backstroke' series.  It hangs above my mantle and makes me feel like I'm underwater. Love It.  
Backstroke by Sarah Ashley Longshore


Valorie Hart - The Visual Vamp said...

I saw it in person and it is beyond fabulous!
xo xo

Lesley said...

I am a HUGE fan of Sarah's work! You are so lucky to own one of her pieces. I've done several posts on her work on my art blog, Artsy Forager.

Boo Hazard said...

Oh I love the water ones! I think they are my favorite. I do love the candy ones she's been doing lately too but I think I'd grow tired of them?? I LOVE the painting you have though!!

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