October 17, 2011

Stuart Smalley needed one of these...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
Acanthus Designs is the fairest of them all.
The unexpected perk of writing Antweak is that it has opened my eyes to the talents of the people right in my own back yard.  My friend and neighbor, Ginger Coffer, recently invited me to view her collection of hand painted mirrors. 

Determined to fill some blank walls in her own home, Ginger was inspired to take matters into her own hands.  Literally.  She found a carpenter, drew up some plans and got to work with a paintbrush.  Thus, Acanthus Designs was born.  

Two of Ginger's mirrors flank the mantle in her family room.

Tall ceilings and big walls may have been the launching point, but the rest is pure Ginger genius.  With careful determination and a knack for a fabulous patina, Ginger has created a line of custom-built, hand-painted mirrors, each unique to itself.

Perfectly patina-ed!
I'll take two please! 
Ginger through the Looking Glass...
If only Stuart Smalley had one of Ginger's beauties:

Perhaps he could've saved time on his daily affirmations.  Because when your reflection gazes at you through such a pretty frame, how could you not feel great about yourself? 

Seriously, if the above pictures are failing to speak for themselves, I will attest as a first-hand witness:  these mirrors are gorgeous.  To have one of your very own, contact Ginger at

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