February 16, 2012

Elvis Sighting!

This is what was ahead of me on St. Charles Avenue just a little while ago.  Obviously Elvis strapped his 'T-Bear' ice-chest to his scooter and decided to hit the town for Mardi Gras.  
I mean, why not?  Sidenote:please notice what's hanging from his ice chest.  
Yes, it's what you're thinking it is.

Just another typical day in NOLA.  I love this place.

Speaking of the legendary Stud...

What do you think of this studly console/media chest?  I've been looking at tons of media consoles for someone, and Elvis made me think of this one:

Studly Console in limed oak
It also comes in lacquered black, and lacquered white....

I still think I like the one on the scooter the best!

1 comment:

goldfine said...

Is that one of the Rolling Elvi?

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