February 05, 2012

And the Superbowl Ring goes to....

My bed!  Yes, rember this lovely-dovely 'ole-beddypoo that I redid for my friend's lovely little girl?  **(so, technically, it's not my bed since I don't sleep on it...but since I had a hand in it's creation, I feel like it's mother.)

Long story short, a knock on my friend's door from a producer evolved into her house being chosen to shoot a Chase Bank commercial, featuring Drew Brees.  The :30 spot will run this very evening in the advertising Superbowl of Superbowls, the Superbowl!

In the commercial, Drew's adorable little boy kicks a football that ricochets through a few neighbors' homes.  The scene starring the bed begins at the :04 second mark when the football crashes through the room where a teen girl is doing yoga.
So, my bed's famous...and it better thank me in all it's acceptance speeches!

I feel like Navin R. Johnson right now:

"This is the kind of spontaneous publicity....Things are going to start happening to me now."

PS: I have been a horrible blogger lately, I know.  More updates soon!  Lots of fun projects! xo.

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