February 14, 2012

Someone's Dear or Stag on Valentines?

No hunting or killing, just Blow It............
Up!   (Inflatable deer head)
{Mind out of gutter people!!}

So, now that I have you attention...
Were you someone's 'Dear,' or did you go Stag on Valentines?!?
I know my dear (or deer) readers did it in style, either way.  xoxoxo

paper deer head 
cool in a bedroom 
papered stag for your wall...from etsy! 
scary, too many, and too real, and......just, no... 
resin antlers 
a nice resin for your wall

wall vignette
Just saw this beauty the other day at Shaun Smith Home...
I dare admit...
The blow up version actually exists and resides in my son's bathroom.   We call him Bruce, and he's a BIG hit at bathtime (and for the unsuspecting visitor to said bathroom!)
Yes, my son's mom is a NUT!

XOXO to all my DEAR (and deer) READERS!!!  

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