November 23, 2011

Thanks, Thank you, Thankful for and Thanksgiving

In the spirit of giving and thanks, this Thanksgiving I'm giving you a list of a few of the random things I'm thankful for, and that just make me feel happy...

NEW ORLEANS:  No city like it and I love it, quirks and all.   
Thank you NOLA for being you:

SAINTS FANS: If there was ever a definition for eternal optimists, Saints fans would be it.  It took a long time for our team to be 'winning,' as Charlie Sheen would say, but the fans never gave up.  Also, the sheer creativity behind many of the die-hards' costumes is genius.  

Thank you Saints fans for seeing the glass half full -- we could all learn a lesson or two from these people:

BOOKSHELVES and STACKS OF BOOKS:  Even if you don't read them, books in your home make you appear smart.  Perception is everything, people (kind of).  Plus, colorful book spines and cover art are pretty additions to any shelf or coffee table.

Thank you books for providing an inexpensive form of decor (and for making me appear smarter than I actually am):

PUBLIC ART:  It's free to enjoy and something we can all share in.  Art like this gets the conversation started.

Thank you to all the talented artists and patrons who provide the cash to make this type of art available to us all:
Arthur Silverman
Claes Oldenburg
Leandro Erlich

Ida Kohlmeyer
FAMILY:  The dysfunction in all of them is sort of what makes all of these inherited units function.  We love them, but admit it, they are all a little dysfunctional.  Otherwise, we'd have no need for friends -- the people we actually pick, and I'm way thankful for those too!  

Thank you to family and friends who make my life so fulfilling, strange, exciting and wonderful!!  Being this is the favorite time of year for the requisite family photo-op, here are some great family portriats to inspire us all for our holiday cards:

Shorts, strangling and sneers from the skunk-haired sister.  Interesting.

The bigger the hair, the bigger the love.  Rock on.
Yes, mama's tired...tired of the '70s clothing and haircuts perhaps.
A family who hot-tubs together, _____ together. (fill in the blank) 
My all time favorite dysfunctional family.
My second favorite dysfunctional family.

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