December 08, 2011

No Mommies Allowed

While I've been busy not blogging, a certain five-year-old in my house has been busy maturing into a teenager.  Seriously, he turned the big 0-5 on Monday and he's already trying to get rid of me.  

The fiver in question politely asked me to help him write a sign for his door.  As he dictated, all I could think was:
a) He was so courteous about asking me to stay out.  
     (Notice the two 'pleases'...I can pat myself on the back for that.)
b) At least he's still calling me Mommy, and not by my first name yet.
c) He only asked me to stay out for A minute -- that's not that long.  I can handle that.
d) Where has my baby boy gone?

The best feature of this door sign is, of course, the drawing he created at the bottom:
That's a picture of me in the circle with a red X on top of it.  
So in the event that I can't read what I wrote, I can refer to the 'No Mommy Allowed' symbol.  He's a genius!

Here's big boy's room:
The mid-century chest actually came from grandmother's house --
it was in my Dad's room growing up!  I hand colored the old baseball photo above it.
I love this flame-stitch wing chair!  The colors in the room are green
and blue with orange accents so I put a fun orange zebra  pillow .
You know me and how I love to paint things...his bed got the orange treatment!
I painted the pop-art piece above his bed to add more color.
Sock monkeys with an awesome needlepoint pillow by his God-Momma!
His bookshelves are such a mess right now I will spare you that view.  I really want to do some canvas curtains in here with a fun blue trim, or just a big fat blue border on the bottom.  What do you think?  You think this look can last him a few years?

And speaking of kid's niece's room is almost finished!  It has taken forever due to several fabric back-orders.  But, curtains are done and hopefully will be put up this weekend!  Look out for pictures soon!


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Boo Hazard said...

I love his room!! Great colors - and I LOVE that painting!! you could sell it!! - BOO

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