December 14, 2011

Dear Santa,

Besides the usual (world peace, health and happiness), I have some items I've had my eye on.  As long as you stick to asking my dog (who thinks I'm the best thing ever), I imagine I'll be making your list this year.  Do you think you could squeeze some of these in your big, red bag for when you make your stop at my house?  
Saw this amazing coffee table at one of my favorite local shops.
It provides extra surface area where I can leave more milk and cookies for you next year!
(Is it not okay to bribe Santa??)
I picked up this incredible french wing chair recently for  a steal at consignment, but
I need some really funky fabric for it.  Can you leave me some cash for that?
I know you don't usually do that, but I'm not sure your elves are keen on the fabric trade.
Gotta support the local boys!  This book is awesome...I need it!

You know I love Twizzlers!  Extra long ones.....Yes, please!
Anyway Santa, I hope the North Pole is treating you well.  I imagine it's pretty cold there, so listen: be sure to bring your shorts on Christmas Eve because it's likely to be warm and muggy here in New Orleans.  I'll be on my best behaviour until then!  

yours truly,

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