November 10, 2011

Breaking up with the green...

Remember these chairs?  
Farewell green.  Onto other-colored pastures.

The more I looked at them, the more I agreed with my friend.  Green and the chairs were just not a good match.  Breaking up can be hard, but the parting was amicable.  Plus, I have a power-sander.  

Where do good-looking, repro Italian armchairs go to find their next match? of course.  The number one online marketplace for all things beautiful, antique and vintage, provided me and the chairs' owner with ample inspiration for the next look.

Nothing phoney about these online photos (all courtesy
These are the real deal:

Pair Italian neo-classical armchairs
But then we also saw this, and loved the hints of gold in the paint:

Ohhh la, la, gold!
Here are the chairs in progress:
Come to mama hot stuff!

A little antweak crackle goes a long way...

We're in the process of narrowing down fabric choices.  Check back soon for the 'happily ever after' photos...

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