November 04, 2011

Are you a Tiger or Rolling the Tide?

Sorry Crimson Tide but as far as mascots go Mike the Tiger wins.   
Apologies in advance to all my wonderful friends who went to University of Alabama, but the fact that I went to graduate school at LSU and that I live in its proximity, I'm thinking purple, gold (yellow) and tigers at the moment.  

Listen Bama fans, don't give up on me yet.  I'm fickle, especially when it comes to team loyalty.  Knowing me and my fascination for underdogs I'll just root for whoever's losing tomorrow. In other words it's a bad sign if you see me cheering for your team by the second half. 

Until the big game, here's a little purple and gold inspiration from the style files (most images are from my Pinterest).  Have fun! xoxo, Kat
Tiger print pillows in bedroom done by Miles Redd

Very cool desk chair, via my pinterest

purple and gold painting by Hiroshi Matsumoto  

Yellow chesterfield by Anthropologie
Hickory Chair by Alexa Hampton

Aerin Lauder's dining room via Elle Decor 
Purple living via Elle Decor
Yellow and Gold (and zebra_!!!
Gold and purple pillows via Elle Decor 
Gorgeous yellow drapes via my Pinterest
Purple and gold by designer Massucco Warner Miller
Beautiful purple room via Elle Decor
Caption this Contest ---
Seriously creepy yellow dude on purple velvet via random photo from the interent...
All he needs is a tiger to come eat him to complete the look.
Will someone please caption this for me?  

1 comment:

Boo Hazard said...

GEAUX TIGAS!! Love your images! although my brain isn't working enough at the moment to enter your caption contest ;) - Boo

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