May 22, 2012

Hurricane in the house!

wowsa!  incredible tessellated coffee!
Welll, every story has to have a beginning, middle and end.  The above table is the opening chapter in this mini-novella.  It really should be a soap opera, the way my week has gone, although I pray Marlena from Days of Our Lives does not make an appearance as the Devil. (That was from my college days when my roomates would tape that soap, and we'd watch it instead of studying for finals.  Did I just age myself?).  

Chapter 1:
I was vintage/antique/consignment shopping the other day with another talented eye (she's the best), and spotted this puppy!  It's an incredible Maitland-Smith tesselated coffee table (these things sell on 1stdibs for abt $3,000 -- and usually found in cream...this is a very unique emerald green (love)).  Needless to say, I got this for MUCHmuchmuchmuchmuch less (less than that even).  

It's an incredible piece and now I have to redsign the whole room around it.  So, of course, now the whole house is being redecorated, everything is for sale on craigslist, etc. and it looks like a hurricane hit the interior of the  homestead.  But this is progress, folks.  I love getting all crazy and changing up the chi/vibe of my own home every year.

Can't wait to post Chapters 2 and up...!  


Elizabeth said...

What a find! It looks amazing in your house and it is truly one of those once in a lifetime happy!
xoxo -e (

Clementine & Olive said...


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