August 02, 2012

Humpty Dumpty is Getting Smashed

Do you think Humpty drinks SkinnyGirl cocktails?  Unlikely.
Everybody has one – that place in your house where the excess lives.  Sometimes it’s just a drawer, or maybe it’s a spare closet or empty corner cabinet filled with all the idle, perhaps unattractive, accumulations of life. 
Admit have a room that needs to be Put Back Together Again too. 
These Humpty-Dumpty spaces should come with warning labels: Beware of Infestation.  Junk multiplies, and soon that one junk drawer becomes two (I have two in my kitchen alone), and the door to that cabinet/closet takes extra muscle just to shut properly. 

Take my advice: talk Humpty off the wall, before all his pieces clutter your house.
It’s time for an intervention when an unintended space, i.e. something that is not a closet, cabinet or drawer (a room per se), becomes your clutter receptacle.   
Clutter Cops Crime Scene:  Once a place to serve up high-balls, the functional but drab wet-bar space became my clutter recepticle in the recent redecoration.  I painted the cabinets and upgraded the hardware a few years ago, but its sat untouched since.
So on a whim and a spare moment, I decided to clear it out, mix my own color (that was interesting), and put it back together again in some fashionable manner. 
All the King's horses and all the King’s men (uh, me)….
and I sort of put it back together again.  

The color came out pretty well -- it's sort of a pinkish/purplish greige in a very high gloss.  I want to accent the space with gold (going for a Hollywood Glam Look).  The gold leaf wall sculpture was a $20 el-cheapo purchase from Michael's.  I used wire-cutters to snip off the dinky looking birds and other stuff and spray painted the leaves gold, et voila!

'Mr. T' -- our once lime green Foo Dog finally found a home, plus a light grey paint job:
Mr. T, our Foo Dog:  "What you talking abt. Foo(l)? Quit yo jibba-jabba!"  
Waiting on another gold framed pic and possibly a little bar stool to upholster
(in the fabric you see in corner).

Yes, I literally upped the bar this past weekend.  It still has a bit to go with styling etc., and I've got another picture getting re-framed.  I’ll post finished version soon!

Til then, at least Humpty Dumpty has a placed to get smashed, properly.   Cheers!


Elizabeth said...

Love it, Kat! The bar is amazing and you are hilarious - come visit me today please!!
xoxo -e (modern24seven)

My Interior Life said...

You crack me up! And that butler's pantry/bar is rockin' now! Love the Michael's metal sculpture - how very visionary of you. Great job, as usual!

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